Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring has Sprung

wow... it's been wayyy too long since i have written anything. the last three weeks of my life has been very.................. lets just say.. crazybusypainful.... so much has happened i don't know where to even start.. so i'm just going to focus on this last weekend.

Last sunday, april 5th, i went hunting, and i shot my first turkey! it was sooooo awesome! it was about 17 pounds with and 8 inch beard. what a shot too! got him right in the head. haha.

Friday i went to pizza.. like usual.. then i went to kate and quincy's house(my second home). I've been wanting to learn guitar for a long time now, but never really had the motivation, till now. i'm so determined to become good at this. it's insane. i need to wait till school is out before i really start giving it all my attention, because school is my main priority. ANYWAYS, i had and awesome time on friday, only got two hours of sleep, but was wide awake for work at 7:30 the next morning. the coffee helped! by the way KATE, i have your blue coffee cup with the goose on it. :] i will return it haha. (thanks for the picture ashley)

Saturday i worked................. it was boring like usual.. but hey, i need money, so i don't mind too much. ash and ant came in and saw me, that made me happy:] so after work i went over to their house, helped ashley with a craft/home decor project, and then we dyed easter eggs! it was so much fun. i haven't dyed eggs in so long! my favorite one was my dinosaur egg, i took a picture of it:] it was really nice hanging out with my sister. it totally took her moving out to make me realise how much i took her company for granted. i love you ashley! even though we are complete opposites, i can always have fun with her. anthony too :] sooooo the night followed with egg salad sandwiches, guitar hero, and our friends phil and micha stopped by and hung out with us. it was like old times again.

Easter sunday was pretty laid back. saw g-ma and g-pa kosher, visited with grandma cathern, and had an awesome dinner my mom cooked. love them sweet mashed potatoes! thanks mom!

this week, as of wednesday, has been busy busy busy, again! school, work, gym, homework, guitar, school, work, taxes, gym, dentist appointment, homework, gym, AHHHHH!!!! i need to do some rearranging.

Spring cleaning anyone???