Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home Made Apple...pie?

thursday night my friend kate and i were hanging out at her house, and we decided to make some home made bread. pretty random, but it was awesome. once we started that, cook books went flying and some how we ended up using some left over apples and baby apple pies were born! it was a blast.

friday was awesome too! me and my two friends, courtney and paige, thought it'd be a good idea to slip into dresses, and shimmy into our boots for a fun country photo shoot. the pictures are awesome, and will be making an appearance soon. a night of pizza and more friends followed at players.

saturday... work=poop.. like always. i enjoy the people i work with, well, most of them.. but walking around a craft store for 8 hours, with nothing to do, PLUS not being able to craft, that's always annoying. after work i met up with my family and boyfriend at my sisters house and we all drove down to auburn to meet up with my aunt eva, uncle gerry, and cousin devin. it was fun visiting with them.

sunday....well its raining and i'm currently eating a banana and making my blog look cool!

1 comment:

  1. ok the bread and pie was TOTALLY random but seriously delish!
    cant wait to see your country shoot! sounds soo soo cute!